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Ear Evaluation 

Examination of ear, evaluation of earache or decreased hearing, need for Hearing aids, age related hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing sensation in the ear, inspite of no external sound), ear wax removal, blocked sensation in the ear, pus/ watery discharge from the ear, all of these services are offered.


Throat Evaluation

Evaluation of throat and endoscopy examination of throat for various conditions such as tonsil infections, sorethroat, ulcers, tumour evaluation, acid reflux or coughing.



Having constant Runny nose, Stuffy nose, recurrent sneezing, watery nasal discharge, coughing? You could be suffering from nasal allergy and yes, it is easily treatable. Visit our centre to find out how!


New Born Hearing Screening

Hearing Screening in new born is of utmost importance since decreased hearing can result in delayed development of speech. So, the earlier in life hearing difficulty is diagnosed, earlier treatment can be started and hence less speech difficulties are encountered and the child does not loose precious years of his life!


Voice and Speech Evaluation

A rough or unusual voice can impact our quality of life to a great extent. If you are suffering from Hoarse, rough or breathy voice, Pain or difficulty while speaking, you may be suffering from one of the voice disorders that needs to be evaluated. We offer endoscopic evaluation of voice and treatment tailored according to your problems. We also offer services for children having delayed speech, unclear speech or difficulty in pronunciation of particular syllable, stammering or stuttering in speech.


Head & Neck Tumours

We offer services for various head & neck tumours involving tongue, buccal mucosa, throat and voice box, right from diagnosing it to the treatment needed.


Nose & Sinus Evaluation

Examination of the nose and nasal endoscopy for evaluation of various nasal complaints like nasal blockage, allergy, sinus infections, deviated nasal septum, nasal trauma, cosmetic correction of nose, nasal polyps or tumour.



Feeling dizzy, sudden sensation of spinning around, unable to maintain balance, nausea, vomiting – it can be VERTIGO! And your EAR may be the cause of it. Get it evaluated and treated by us!


Thyroid Disorder

Have a swelling in the midline of neck? It may be thyroid! Get yourself checked and know on what are your treatment options, and if surgery is really necessary and if so, what are the cances of success and complications.


Swallowing Evaluation

Difficulty in swallowing can hamper your day to day life and nutrition and immunity. Hence, getting treated is immensely helpful. We offer endoscopic evaluation of swallowing disorders like difficulty or pain while swallowing, unable to swallow any particular food type, post stroke (paralysis) difficulty in swallowing.


Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Sleep is one of the most basic human needs. Most people need 7-8 hours of sleep each day to be refreshend and rested. Sleep Apnea and snoring and other sleep disorders can disrupt your normal sleep pattern, making you generally feel tired. However, Sleep disorders also cause physiologic changes that can affect your mood, heart & blood pressure changes. Over time, these changes can signigficantly affect your health & safety. And yes, Snoring &sleep apnea is treatable. Visit to know how!

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